She Who Became the Sun

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan, Can be read in a few days depending on your speed, Adult Fantasy The final review for the Trans Right Readathon! But that does not mean that’s the end of reading trans/non-binary authors or books. In this house, we read trans/queer book all the time! Which is whyContinue reading “She Who Became the Sun”


Hi Fellow Book Nerds! As you’ve seen from the review I posted yesterday, I am participating in the Trans Rights Readathon hosted by Sim Kerr (more info here)! Here’s a bit more information about what I’ll be doing and the organization I’m supporting. If you’d like to help with my fundraiser, you can find myContinue reading “#TransRightsReadathon”

Monk and Robot Books

A Psalm for the Wild-Built and A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers, Can be read in a few hours depending on your speed, Adult Science Fiction “You keep asking why your work is not enough, and I don’t know how to answer that, because it is enough to exist in the world and marvel at it.Continue reading “Monk and Robot Books”

Nikhil Out Loud

Nikhil Out Loud by Maulik Pancholy, Can be read in a few hours depending on your speed, Middle Grade (Catching up on reviews, starting with this read from January! Now that Harper Collins Union finally has a contract, I can post this!) One of the reasons I read young adult and middle grade books is becauseContinue reading “Nikhil Out Loud”

My Government Means to Kill Me

My Government Means to Kill Me by Rasheed Newson, Can be read in a few nights depending on your speed, Adult “See, even during a pandemic, racism never fails to insert itself into the equation.” ~p. 115 Told through the lens of Earl “Trey” Singleton as he survives his first few years living on his ownContinue reading “My Government Means to Kill Me”