Euphoria Kids

Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans, Can be read in a few hours depending on your speed, Young Adult Fiction

(Continuing to wrap-up Aussie April reads…)

I absolutely adored this book. As the title suggests, this is a story of queer joy. In this cozy magical realism, we meet three teenagers as they build a lovely friendship amongst themselves while also unraveling the threat that seems to be coming from the other realm. As their friendships grow and the mystery is solved, they also learn more about themselves and help each other navigate their unique selves.

Babs was cursed by a witch and sometimes turns invisible. Iris grew from a seed in the ground and is friends with faeries and other magical creatures. Until, one day, Iris can see Babs and the two form a sweet best-friends-forever bond. Then, enters Boy. Boy shares many similarities with Babs and Iris, but Boy has yet to find his real name (which is why Babs and Iris call him Boy).

As the three grow closer, they also learn magic together: practicing spells, talking to magical creatures, and crossing into the magical world. Finally, the three decide to cross into the other realm to discover its secrets and, hopefully, find the witch to undo her curse on Babs. Discoveries are made. Secrets are uncovered. Rights are Wronged. And relationships are forged.And while this book may sound like it could be another fantasy, it’s not. It’s set in a gender affirmative world where the challenges around identity have more to do with someone embracing their own and navigating the world of magic than anything else. It is a book that will leaving you feeling happy and comforted and wishing we lived in a world where we, too, can cast doors to wherever we wish to go.

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