#TransRightsReadathon Wrap Up!

Well, we made it! I really enjoyed the Trans Rights Readathon and hope we can make it an annual thing. And I have added so many books to my TBR! 

When the readathon started, I decided to raise funds for the Jim Toy Community Center and pledged to donate $50 for each book I read and ran a fundraiser with a goal of $200. I am so happy to say I met my goal and raised $250! I had hoped to read 2 books to get an even $300, but unfortunately, my hold for Euphoria Kids did not come in on time. I’m picking it up this week, though, and plan on reading it asap! 

I know some folks are extending the readathon until Trans Day of Visibility on March 31. If you do, or if you are looking to make additional donations, Sim Kern is encouraging people to donate Mercury Stardust‘s Tiktokathon and I second this recommendation! (Also, Mercury Stardust, aka the Trans Handy Ma’am, is amazing and you should follow her.)

As we wrap-up this readathon, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of this past week. It was so nice to bring some joy into the midst of all the ish. And, just as importantly, we were reminded of how powerful community led movements and actions can be. As the ish continues, I hope we keep this energy going and stand together to support our trans and queer friends and family.

Thank you to those who donated to my fundraiser (I’ll be sending you all a separate email), to Sim Kern for hosting/organizing the readathon, and to UnSuccessfulBookClub on Instagram for the template! 

And, as always, read trans and queer books all year!

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