Well, I did it! For months, I’ve been saying I wanted to start tracking what I read and what I thought about the books in a more concerted way. I have been using Storygraph to keep track of my reading progress, but for whatever reason, I don’t use it to write reviews. I tend to find outlets like this a bit easier for me to keep track of things. Once the idea was formulated, I reached out to a few friends who are fellow lovers of young adult (YA) and middle grade (MG) books to ask if they would also be interested in reading reviews from a more adult perspective. The general consensus was “YES!” so I figured, why not make it public?

So here we are! The start of a fun project for me and hopefully some helpful insights for you. I’ll be adding the first review next week, but in the mean time, if you know of others who would find this site interesting, please spread the word! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Storygraph (theritareads on all three platforms), and subscribe to the blog so you can get updates sent straight to your inbox. And if you want more information, make sure to check out the About and FAQs page!

Photo of books currently on my too be read pile that include Born Behind Bars, The Samosa Rebellion, and How to Find What You're Not Looking For.
Books currently on my to be read pile.

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